It’s Not Bucking Broncos That Make the Waves at Rodeo beach in the Marin Headlands

Don’t you just like the odor of the beach?

The sand, the saltwater, the sunscreen…


I’d bottle it if I could.

(NOTE TO SELF: try adding a few drops of sunscreen to a bottle of seawater one of these days.)

Yesterday El Hub as well as I drove out to Rodeo beach at Fort Cronkhite, a picturesque area on the Pacific side of the Bay just north of the golden entrance in the Marin Headlands (if you’re ever out this way, it’s ideal next to the incredible Marine Mammal Center).

It gets a bit freezing as well as windy there sometimes, even when anywhere else around right here is hot, so bring a sweatshirt or jacket if you’re checking out from out of the area.

Yup, a jacket even in the summertime. welcome to the Bay Area.

I enjoyed the waves for a bit, breathed deeply, snapped some pics, as well as discovered a few charming pieces of driftwood (don’t you like it when you discover a piece that’s truly smooth?).

Any day you make it out to the beach is a great day.


This picture ideal above is a saltwater lagoon ideal next to the beach. There’s a bit footbridge there that’s a fantastic photo spot.

Brown pelicans rest there before heading out to sea to go fishing.

P. S I’m not sure why the location is called Rodeo Beach, however to the very best of my knowledge, rodeos are not held there.

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