Outfit of the Day: Romper Room!

Cue interior monologue:

Oh please, oh please. Don’t let the sleeve autumn in the toilet! Why is this thing so difficult to get out of!? It’s like origami… I understood I shouldn’t have had that third cup of tea!


Here’s the thing about rompers: I believe they’re super cute! – in der Theorie. however they can be tricky in practice, particularly — ahem! — if you’re accident-prone as well as have a little bladder.

But that didn’t stop me! I’d been eying this Leifsdottir Scattered Wing Romper at Anthropologie for ages as well as lastly caved.

Isn’t it cute? The color, the classy print, the fluttery sleeves. Oh, as well as it even has pockets! — which Tabs truly appreciates since I utilize them to bring his turkey flavored Temptations when we go for walks.


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

My left hand (is in my pocket)!

It’s extremely lazy-friendly, too, as well as being lazy at heart, I like not having to believe about matching my pants with a shirt. With this, it’s all just there, BAM!

Since this specific romper has stylish bit details like the sleeves as well as the print, it doesn’t requirement anything additional to jazz it up, however you might add a preferred pair of wedges, as well as perhaps sun glasses or a simple ring.

But what they don’t tell ya about rompers — they’re not the simplest clothes to get off as well as on, particularly when you, um, requirement to utilize the loo.

If I’m using this when nature calls, I have to undo a snap at the front, as well as shimmy my method all the method out of the top half, to ensure that it’s just kinda hanging there when I pull down the bottom part…

Peinlich! particularly in public restrooms, where I’m additional paranoid about the sleeves accidentally dragging on the floor or the toilet, ewww.

And what if, for some reason, I have to book it out of a stall in a hurry?

Es passiert vielleicht. Did you ever see Copycat? keep in mind that bathroom scene? Well, this romper is not designed for quick bathroom escapes, that’s for sure.

But I still like it! Fellow short women may likewise like not having to get it hemmed.

I don’t understand if this specific Leifsdottir romper is still offered online, however you may want to inspect your regional Anthropologie store.

Many stores bring rompers, though, such as this adorable black as well as white one at Forever21.


Isn’t the cutout back outlining super cute? as well as it’s only $15.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Schönheits-Süchtiger,


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